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Throughout the series, he is joined by others in his quest to protect Starling City . The characters that eventually aid Queen's vigilante efforts include: former soldier John Diggle ( David Ramsey ), . expert and skilled hacker Felicity Smoak ( Emily Bett Rickards ), former assassin Sara Lance ( Caity Lotz ), aspiring vigilante Roy Harper ( Colton Haynes ), Oliver's sister Thea / Speedy ( Willa Holland ), and attorney-turned-vigilante Laurel Lance ( Katie Cassidy ). The group also receives support from Quentin Lance ( Paul Blackthorne ) who works at the police department. During the first five seasons of the shows, characters from Oliver's past appear in a separate story arc based on Oliver's flashbacks, which highlight parallels from Oliver's history that shape events in the main story.

Not an ideal choice to be honest – far too much scope for dribbling sour cream over dresses, and getting salmon prints all over the glasses – but they're so very delicious that, at a more civilised gathering, boasting napkins and plates, they can't be beaten. They also have the great benefit, if you make enough, of serving as a substantial stand-up starter, saving you a few pieces of cutlery in the process.

According to the passion narrative, a slave named Revocatus, his fellow slave Felicitas, the two free men Saturninus and Secundulus, and Perpetua, who were catechumens , that is, Christians being instructed in the faith but not yet baptized, were arrested and executed at the military games in celebration of the Emperor Septimus Severus 's birthday. To this group was added a man named Saturus, who voluntarily went before the magistrate and proclaimed himself a Christian.

Felicity and Thomas Feelman - TogetherFelicity and Thomas Feelman - TogetherFelicity and Thomas Feelman - TogetherFelicity and Thomas Feelman - Together