Scritti politti + miles davis - oh patti

Cook created Gamsonite, a "pseudo-label" collecting his early collaborations. [6] Dux Content released its songs with strange renderings of digital avatars for promotional artwork. [1] They contributed to the score for Alicia Norman's animated film Heart of Death and began considering a children's television show titled Dux Content's Jungle Jam . Cook and Harle explored how to build rhythms out of a vocalist's natural singing tempo and released the results as "Dux Kidz". The project was noticed by producer Sophie , who later worked with PC Music's acts. [7] Cook began working on building flashy websites with Hannah Diamond and decided to focus on using websites to promote music. [6] In August 2013, Cook founded PC Music as a way of embracing an A&R role, with the aim of "recording people who don't normally make music and treating them as if they're a major label artist." [2]

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You Don't Know How Glad I Am Nancy Wilson, 1964
Frankly one of my favorite songs of all time by one of my favorite song stylists of all time, its incredible to me that the legendary Nancy Wilson, never made the Top 10 with this, her highest charting . pop hit. It did however garner Wilson a much deserved Grammy. Mix a martini, dim the lights, put on some fabulous Mad Men -wear and enjoy this lost classic...

Scritti Politti + Miles Davis - Oh PattiScritti Politti + Miles Davis - Oh PattiScritti Politti + Miles Davis - Oh PattiScritti Politti + Miles Davis - Oh Patti